Raise awareness of cyber security in your company. Effectively.

A simple, effective and attractive method of learning for employees.
A new lesson every month with a 55-second video.

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9 in 10 students recommend SecurityInside – why?

  • effectiveness

    Short, animated videos, clear messages, regular classes, summaries and tests. One class lasts around 11 minutes.

  • relevance

    Substantial information, practical advice, interesting facts and the mechanisms of cyber crime, all developed by experts.

  • flexibility

    You can participate in the course, at your convenience, both at home and at work. You can return at any time to a given lesson. No installation required, you start the course as soon as you add an account.

  • measurability

    You can monitor your own progress or that of your employees. Employee certificates issued on completion.

  • reasonable price

    The price of our course is lower than the costs of traditional training and incomparably lower than the costs borne in case of cyber attacks.


Start raising cyber security awareness amongst your employees today – it is surprisingly easy!

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