Cookie policy

1. About cookies.

Cookies are small data files, especially text files, which are stored by a server on your computer. With these files, your device will be recognized and, in consequence, the way a given website is presented will be adjusted to your personal preferences. Cookies usually contain the name of the website from which they originate, information on how long they have been stored on the device and a unique number.

2. Which type of cookies do we use?

Session cookies – temporary files which are stored on your device until you log out from a given website or close the Internet browser. Persistent cookies – permanent files that remain on your device for a fixed period (specified in the parameters of the file) or until they are deleted manually. Third-party cookies – files that adjust the way a given website is presented to your personal preferences.

3. Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are used for the purpose of statistics, marketing and in order to adjust the contents of websites to the user's personal preferences. Cookies store information about geolocation, the visitor's language and random data about session identifiers. With the collected data, we are able to understand how exactly the visitor uses websites and, consequently, to improve their structure and content. The information received helps us to prepare statistics related to the number of new and regular users as well as enables us to analyze which pages are visited.

4. How to use and how to disable cookies

You can change the settings of your Internet browser at any time, so that it would block cookies or inform you when they are being sent. However, please note that if you do not accept the cookie policy, you may encounter some problems while using the website. The software used for searching websites accepts the cookies by default. The settings of an Internet browser can be changed, so that it would block cookies or inform the user each time when cookies are being sent onto his/her device. For more information on how to disable automatic saving of cookies, please check the settings of your Internet browser (the software used for searching Internet websites).

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